Practice Placement Exam - Part 1

Department of Mathematics, UHM

The instructions below are similar to those displayed for the actual placement exam. Click the Begin Exam link below to take a practice version of the exam. You may take the practice exam as many times as you like - a new version will be generated for each attempt. The practice exam questions are very similar to those on the actual placement exams.

If the error 'Disallowed Key Characters' is displayed please clear your
cookies and cache, or browse using an incognito/private window.

  • Place your Student ID on top of the computer you are using.

  • Turn off and put away all electronic devices. Any violation will invalidate your score, and you won't be allowed to
    retake the exam.

  • Use your scratch paper and pencil. It is easy to make errors in your head.

  • You have 30 minutes to complete the exam. When you click: Begin the Practice Placement Exam below, you
    will be directed to a UH Login page. Use your UH Username and password. Time starts ticking after you log in. A
    clock on the computer screen shows you how much time you have left.

  • The exam has 24 multiple-choice questions. There is one correct answer to each question, and your score will
    be the number of questions that you answer correctly. There is no penalty for wrong answers. You can answer
    the questions in any order and you can change your answers until the test is submitted.

  • The exam is scored immediately upon submission. You will see the score on the screen, and at the same time the
    score is reported to the Mathematics Department.

  • After the exam is submitted you will see which questions you answered correctly and which ones incorrectly. You will
    be able to see the questions again with your answer as well as the correct one.

  • Ask the proctor for immediate assistance if you encounter difficulties with the test.

Begin Practice Placement Exam Part 1